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Determine if Leasing or Buying via a Car Loan is Right for You Near Toledo

At Volvo Cars of Perrysburg, we have a standout collection of quality vehicles, including the latest new Volvo options. You can choose from multiple sedans and SUV options with a variety of exciting features onboard, as there's lots to decide on. This is also true when you decide when your financing game plan will be as you choose between buying a new Volvo by securing an auto loan, or leasing. We're here to guide you through the differences with each one so you can decide for yourself what your path will be!


When you decide to lease, you're agreeing to terms where you pay a percentage of the vehicles' price over a set term. Generally, it's three to four years and has mileage and wear and use guidelines, but those are simple to follow as most drivers can care for their new Volvo properly as much of the lease terms falls under your new vehicle warranty coverage. Plus, most people don't exceed around 10,000 to 12,000 miles a year driving, which the mileage requirements works out to.

When your lease is done you have multiple choices. You can decide to enter a new lease for a brand-new Volvo vehicle and find standout or similar terms, while you can also buy your current leased vehicle at its remaining value to continue on if you like it. You can also decide to go in a different direction and return the leased vehicle. This, plus generally lower payments over buying is why leasing is appealing to so many in Toledo and gives you the chance to get behind the wheel of a premium new Volvo soon, while being able to upgrade every few years.


If you choose to buy, you're securing an auto loan in combination with a down payment or trade in, and will make those payments to pay off the loan until it is complete. Once you do, you completely own the vehicle and have no more car payments. If you're the type of person who knows when they buy a Volvo they are going to be driving for the long term, buying makes sense. There's no restrictions on mileage and you can add the features you desire, all while getting a quality and long-lasting Volvo in the process. It makes sense for those who put a lot of yearly miles on their vehicle with long commutes or travel, plus families who want to keep a Volvo in the family and pass it down to kids or other members in your group.

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