Volvo S90 Ambience Concept Taking It to the Next Level

Volvo, Reengineering Luxury

When it comes to Volvo, you know you’re going to receive at least two things in a vehicle: Safety, and stunning Scandinavian functional design. With the S90 Ambience Concept, Volvo has pushed that idea even further. The Volvo S90 is no stranger to technology, it comes standard with semi-autonomous driving technology, and a slew of other safety features.

When you’re in the S90 Ambience Concept, you get an entire sensory experience. From visuals to scent and sound, Volvo has redefined in-car luxury. It’s a car the truly connects with your senses. And while the car launched as a concept, it does appear that Volvo Cars has the ambition of making it available in their lineup in the future.

We are always impressed with how Volvo pushes the limits when it comes to the automotive industry. Could this be a glimpse into the future of luxury vehicles?

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