Testing the Car Battery Safely with a Voltmeter

To safely test a car battery using a voltmeter, be sure you're wearing work gloves and a good pair of protective eye-wear.

To get an accurate reading, the car lights and the engine should both be off.

The voltmeter has a red and black cable, each goes to a specific terminal on the battery.

Battery terminals are marked with a plus and minus sign. Red cable goes to the terminal marked with plus sign. The black voltmeter cable goes to the battery terminal marked minus sign.

The voltmeter will show reading the 12.4 or better if the battery is still in great shape and can crank over the car engine. When the reading is at 12.2 or less, then you have reason to be concerned because it is not holding a charge any longer.

Take the car to Volvo Cars of Perrysburg if the battery is showing any signs of failing or losing power. Our service team can help you out!

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