Simple Ways to Tell Your Car's Exhaust is Leaking

Why is spotting leaks in your car's exhaust system important? That system is responsible for moving dangerous gases from your car engine out the back of the vehicle by way of the tailpipe. Here's how you tell if there might be a leak in the exhaust system.

Listen very closely near the exhaust manifold or tailpipe for any popping or hissing sounds. This means gases are escaping, and need to be corrected quickly.

You could feel if a leak is occurring in the exhaust system when you are in the car's cabin. When you grip the steering wheel, see if you feel any new vibrations. When you foot touches the accelerator, you might also feel the vibration. It could even happen when you are sitting in the driver's seat.

If the exhaust has shown signs of leaking, bring your vehicle to our service team at Volvo Cars of Perrysburg so we can test the system and make the needed repairs.

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