Signs Your Ignition Requires Service

Your vehicle’s ignition is an important component because, without it, your vehicle wouldn’t start and wouldn’t run. Although ignitions tend to last a long time, sometimes they need to be replaced. If you suspect your ignition needs maintenance or replacement, come to Volvo Cars of Perrysburg and let our service technicians check it out.

Cars are complex machines that consist of many parts. Sometimes you may think one part is bad when it’s really something entirely different. What you may think is an electrical short may actually be your ignition going out. Signs your ignition needs service include grinding or whining sound when starting; does nothing when trying to start; smoke or burning smell.

Whether your vehicle needs a new ignition, or you just have some questions, we’re the professionals who can help. Stop at our Perrysburg service center or call for an appointment. We also offer many other automotive services.

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