How to Use a Roof Rack

Using a car or SUV mounted roof rack has almost become a lost art. Whether for convenience or because of intimidation, roof racks rarely get used these days. However, once people get comfortable with the idea of using them, they are actually very useful. With the exception of purpose built racks and rack attachments for bikes, skis, or luggage boxes, roof racks are designed to be as versatile as possible. This can also cause anxiety in use, as most allow for a large amount of freedom in movement.

Securing cargo to the roof rack is the most important aspect of using one. Cargo needs to be first placed on the roof rack properly. The items should be oriented in a way that balances weight and deflects wind the best way possible. Once located, cargo should be secured using rope or nylon straps. Chains or cables, while strong, can cause some serious damage to your paint. Simply web the strap through roof rails and tie the cargo down.

The idea is to literally pull the cargo down onto the vehicle. Be sure to secure it in both directions. Be safe and enjoy your newfound skill.



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